Rush SR
Racecar Rush SR

Fresno Powersports is the California Distributor of the Rush SR Racecar.

Imagine this… You are not a driver, you’re a race pilot. You can feel the grip from the tires through your hands and the seat. You hit your turn in perfectly and squeeze in more power. You are flat out at the apex, pulling 11,800 RPM. The world is becoming a blur as you rocket through the gears. Your heart races as you set up for the next corner… you become one with the car.  The SR is in your blood now…you’re addicted…the RUSH is on!


Our Passion Became Our Mission:

Built By Racers For Racers.  We don’t believe racing should be just for the rich, so we developed the most affordable, high performance race car on the market.  Engineered and Manufactured in Houston Texas by Rush Auto Works and starting at just $39,875 ready to race, this track day weapon is quite literally the finest race car you can buy for the money; outperforming vehicles costing 4 times the price. It’s not just affordable to purchase, but incredibly affordable to race with the lowest cost per hour of anything on the market…by a long shot! An extraordinary racecar for all us grass roots racers! Everything about the RUSH SR is designed for the utmost performance at the lowest possible cost. Even transporting it to the track is a breeze with just an SUV and a small trailer, making owning and racing a RUSH accessible to nearly everyone.   BREAK THE RULES, NOT THE BANK!



Powered by a Suzuki sourced 1000 cc engine, this light weight, high revving monster flat gets it!

  • 0-60 in 3.6 seconds
  • Top Speed 152mph
  • Over 145 HP at the wheels
  • 11,800 rpm redline
  • 935 lbs dry weight
  • Fully adjustable LSD, gearing & suspension
  • Adjustable on-dash brake bias
  • 6 speed no lift paddle shift system


The RUSH SR competes in both SCCA and NASA events and is officially classified to run NASA ST2. It is ideal for competition, autocross events, hill climbs or track days.

At Fresno Powersports, we race what we sell. Co-Owner Michael Schneider is the driver of our SR. As such, we know every nuance of the car and attend race day events up and down California every month. Whether you are a casual driver or want to compete at a National level, our trackside support team will have you running at the peak of your capability. Get yourself behind the wheel and become a member of the Fresno Powersports Racing Team!

California Racetracks we service include: Thunderhill, Sonoma, Laguna Seca, Buttonwillow, Willowsprings, Auto Club Speedway and Chuckwalla.


Services Offered:
  • Demo Drives at a track near you
  • Sales, Parts and Service
  • Arrive and Drive programs
  • Trackside support both exclusive or shared mechanic.
  • Vehicle Storage and Trackside Delivery
  • Racecar Maintenance
  • Computerized Tire Mounting and Balancing

Contact us today for more information, upcoming events and pricing!